Eargasm: 1036BHP Ferrari FXX K at full chat will shred your eardrums!

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The LaFerrari is one of the most powerful and fastest production road cars on the planet. It can lap Ferrari’s 3 km Fiorano Circuit in a blazing 1m19s. For a limited edition supercar (only 499 ever built) that makes 950bhp and does 350 km/h, that’s pretty wicked. However, put the riveting FXX K cousin next to it, and the LaFerrari’s numbers will start looking ‘ordinary’.

Ferrari LaFerrari wins Red Dot Award

LaFerrari is pretty brisk around a race track. But…


… the FXX K is just ballistic!

Of course, you might point out that the LaFerrari is a road going supercar, hence it wouldn’t be as fast as the track-only FXX K. You are correct. That said, the FXX K has lapped the Ferrari’s private Fiorano Circuit in a blistering 1m14s. That’s five seconds faster than the (already) fast LaFerrari! And for those in the know, five seconds around a tight race circuit is a lot.


Even at $3 million, the FXX K is sold out! Mind you. One can’t take it on public roads.

All those aero bits that you see on this red monstrosity of a racecar, aren’t there for only and no go. Ferrari claims that the FXX K can generate over half a tonne of downforce at 200 km/h! Overall, the Ferrari FXX K weighs around 100kg less and has 100bhp more than the LaFerrari. For the 40 lucky individuals who own one of these, we reckon they would have to change their inners after a rough day at the track. Just as a side note, this is exactly how F1 cars should sound like!

Click here to know more about the Ferrari FXX K.

Anyway, watch the amazing video from the Imola Circuit and kindly refrain from going deaf! That said, we suggest you should crank up the volume, because it’s just pure eargasm! There’s also an image gallery below, for once you are done with the video.


FXX K around Imola (6)
FXX K around Imola (5)
FXX K around Imola (4)
FXX K around Imola (3)
FXX K around Imola (2)
FXX K around Imola (1)
Ferrari FXX-K wins Red Dot Award

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