Yamaha R3 is the Motoroids Bike of the Year 2016 : Check out the full list of winners

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Yamaha R3 vs RC390 vs Ninja 300 Shootout (22)

2015 was an action packed year for the two-wheeler industry in India. Never before has our market seen an onslaught of so many motorcycle models in a single year. While motorcycles like the Ninja H2 painted the fantasy corner in a mirror finish, offerings like the Gixxer SF ensured that the everyday enthusiast also had something to smile about. Between the two bands, we had scooters, commuters, cruisers, adventurers and track tools of every shape, colour and size. It sure was a tough battle, though our readers have made their choices in an extremely rational manner.

Bike of the year collage - 2

Allowed to vote for five bikes of their choice, the Motoroids reader has once again shown his intellect by voting heavily for the finest and the most appropriate machines in their respective segments. As we have emphasized before, the whole idea of allowing the reader to vote for five motorcycles is to let him to show his appreciation for not just the machine he needs, but also the ones he wants. As an emphatic approval of our thought process, the audience has voted heavily for the Ninja H2 – and made it the third most popular motorcycle on the polls. We are sure this key fact about the motorcycle’s immense popularity couldn’t have been quantified without the multi-vote per user methodology adopted by Motoroids.

The Motoroids Bike of the Year 2016 Awards have been a big success. In all, 21536 readers have voted for their favourite bikes, with 70511 votes having been cast. The results are both rational and incredible – as people made good use of the extra options they had in their hands to let us know which ones of the premium motorcycles would they rather buy.

Here’s the breakdown

Motoroids Bike of the Year 2016 Awards

Winner : Yamaha R3

Yamaha R3 vs RC390 vs Ninja 300 Shootout (21)

Well, this was more or less a no-brainer. Yamaha is the brand that has had a long relationship with the performance bike enthusiast of the country. The R3 is the culmination of the expectations of the Indian fan from the Japanese brand. Sure, the R15 gave us a taste of what Yamaha was capable of, but the R3 is just the kind of motorcycle an everyday rider can push and enjoy in the Indian conditions, challenging it to the hilt. It’s the hottest motorcycle in the hottest segment of the Indian motorcycling scene, and our audience have rightfully crowned it the king.

First runner-up : Suzuki Gixxer SF

Suzuki Gixxer SF static side (1)

The Gixxer has proved that a well designed, well executed product can turn a segment on its head, even if the maker isn’t too well entrenched in the market. The fully faired version of the motorcycle, the Gixxer SF further substantiates the fact with its sporty visuals and racy appeal. The Gixxer / SF twins are good-looking, capable, well built motorcycles and the Motoroids readers have stamped their seal of approval on the motorcycles.

Second runner-up : Kawasaki Ninja H2

Kawasaki Ninja H2 - Ownership Review - Static Shots - Side (7)

There cannot be a better proof to corroborate the Motoroids’ multi-vote methodology of choosing their annual Car / Bike of the year. The INR 32 lakh Kawasaki Ninja H2 may not be very relevant to the market, but when it gathers a whopping 5,168 Votes from 24% of voters, it reflects the impact the brand has had on the audience’s mindscape. The H2 may not be accessible to all, but it sure is the most dreamed about. These are the kind of products which are capable of polarizing people’s perception about a brand altogether and delivering a domino-effect to create a push for their lesser brethren too. Well done, Kawasaki!

Performance Bike of the Year

Sure, you voted for the motorcycles which you found the most relevant for the market. But as we just saw, you also voted for bikes which you’d splurge on if money was not a concern. So here it is, our Performance Bike of the Year winners – chosen from among the really fast, handling focused machines which you’d more likely be seen riding in leathers than without them.

Winner : Kawasaki Ninja H2

Kawasaki Ninja H2 - Ownership Review - Static Shots - Front (4)

We’ve said all there was to be said about this fantastic machine. Kawasaki has pushed the limits with this one, and they truly deserve every accolade they have been won for this amazing piece of kit.

First runner-up : Yamaha YZF R1 / R1 M

 2016 Yamaha R1

With the new R1, Yamaha have recreated the magic they’ve always been respected for, and the motorcycle has been rewarded by our audience as the second most popular performance machine in the list. The difference between the Ninja H2 and the R1 / R1M is quite wide, but the latter still manages to sit respectably high in a list which comprises a whole gamut of popular bikes

Second runner-up : Ducati 1299 Panigale

12-03 1299 PANIGALE S

Sure, the Panigale utilizes a few more ceecees than its litre class nemeses to fork out that tasty 205bhp, but the Italian beauty is still every bit deserving of all the admiration it has won. Breathtakingly stylish, and a choice for the purist, the 1299 Panigale is the deity of the good ole racing fans, and deservedly makes it to the top three list.

Middleweight bike of the year

Somewhere between the earth and the stars, there is the moon. It may not be as lively as the Earth, or as energy laden as a star, but it’s pretty luminescent and cool, and a takes a lot of shapes to please a lot of tastes. Similar is the case with the middleweights, which try to straddle the gap between the must haves and can’t haves. These machines are good at almost everything you throw at them, and help the budding racers learn how to respect power. Here’s our ode to these ambidextrous machines – thanks to your wise choice.

Winner : Honda CBR 650F

Honda CBR650F (65)

First runner-up : Ducati Scrambler

Upcoming Motorcycles 2015 - Ducati Scrambler (1)

Second Runner-up : Benelli TNT 600i


Scooter of the year

Sure, the commuter motorcycle segment in India is still enormous, and a small slice of it can make you qualify as one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world, but as has been noticed by the industry pundits, a significant shift is happening towards the scooter segment. No wonder then, all the leading two-wheeler manufacturers are fighting it out for the scooter segment, which is still growing and has scope for new players to create a niche for themselves. Here’s how you voted for this much coveted segment

Winner : Yamaha Fascino

Yamaha Fascino front view

First runner-up : Hero Maestro Edge

Hero Maestro Edge - Review - Still Shots (3)

Second runner-up : Hero Duet

Hero Duet Front

As always, we’re thankful to you for sparing your time and effort for participating in the Motoroids Bike of the Year 2016 Awards, and making them so insightful for the rest of the audience and industry alike. Do share your thoughts about the results with us, and let us know if you can think of some more categories and sub categories, and the respective winners too. Write to us through comments or give us a nudge on one of our social channels. We’re always listening.

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  • HARSHA K says:

    Dear Motoroid,
    Have a suggestion regarding the this topic. While selecting the Bike/Scooter of the year, especially in mass/commuter segments one must consider the value proposition of a product, i.e at what price the customer is getting the vehicle i.e its value.
    If this point was considered Hero Mastro Edge would have easily been the winner, putting behind Yamaha Fascino.