When the bonnet of the Polo becomes a goat's throne!

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This incredible picture was taken by a close friend and an avid reader of Motoroids – Yatish Suvarna. His friend had bought a spanking new Polo which was the envy of all his colleagues. Unfortunately the lack of parking space (like everywhere else in Mumbai) at his workplace made him park the car on a street which wasn’t too conducive for sheltering automobiles.

Yatish was bamboozled when he saw this goat sitting on top of his friend’s car as he stepped out of the office for a meeting. The bonnet was badly scratched, much to the anguish of his friend. There wasn’t much he could do though – it was just another day in the life of India, as TOI puts it. Not a very pleasing picture for the car’s owner, but makes for a funny portrait for us nevertheless.

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