Watch: Ford Mustang GT350 VS Ford Focus RS Drag it Out!

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Is that even a fight? Sure, it’s a Blue Oval VS a Blue Oval  – but can a hot hatch hold a candle to the mighty power of the quintessential American Muscle – the legendary Mustang.

Let’s get done with the numbers first.  The Fiery little Focus RS get 350 hp while the GT350 boasts 526 ponies. In terms of torque, the Mustang produces 582 Nm of twist as against the 470 Nm of torque on the Focus RS. The power to weight ratio too, despite the Mustang’s bigger, heavier frame, is biased towards the Pony Car.

So why are we showing this video to you? Well, because sometimes there’s more to stuff than what meets the eye. There’s a reason why the Focus RS is such a respected name in the automotive circles. And sure as hell, there’s a reason why we are showing this video to you right here. Just remember these three letters before you jump onto any conclusions – A W D!

So hold on tight, and don’t forget to place your bets on one of the cars before the race gets underway. We are not going to tell you which one of the two wins, but we promise you’ll have to watch it till the very end. Enjoy!

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