VW build quality torture test: Video

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VW has always branded itself as a car manufacturer which has an edge above its competitors because they provide the buyer with a robust and a strongly built car. Here in the video below you will see a Chicago VW Dealer showing us how tough these cars are by actually performing certain tests on it.

The car shown here is the Golf GTI and in the end of the video the showroom guy challenges us to do the same thing on our Hyundai or Honda. While the strength and sturdiness of VW cars is well known, we think economical service and cheap spares is an area where the Hyundais and Hondas of the world have an edge over the German brand. That’s one thing that keeps Maruti on the Numero Uno spot.  Tell us what do you think about the video



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Source : larryroeschvw via motofilm.pl

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