Video: Mike Newman breaks world speed record for a blind driver once again

Mike Newman has surpassed himself to break the world speed record for a blind driver, in a Nissan GT-R this time, averaging 323.2 km/h.

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Mike Newman from Manchester, U.K. has managed to surpass himself, as he broke the world speed record for a blind driver once again. The 52-year-old had last hit 300 km/h in a Porsche 911 at the Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground in Leicestershire, U.K.  This time he averaged 323.2 km/h in back-to-back runs on an 1.8-mile runway at an airfield.

This time, instead of the Porsche, Mike’s weapon of choice was a Nissan GT-R tuned to produce 1,200 bhp and was equipped with carbon panels and a roll-cage confirming to motor-sport standards. There was no other occupant in the vehicle other than Mike, as his Step-father provided guidance over radio, following him in an identical Nissan GT-R. Mike completed four runs in opposite directions with an average speed of 323.2 km/h. Watch the video, it will change your perception about human abilities.

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Image: Litchfield Motors

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