Video: Man who lost both his arms drifts a car using only his feet

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driving without arms

Every once in a while we come across human stories which inspire and make us believe that when we really want to achieve something, there’s hardly anything that acts as a barrier between us and our goals, except our own thoughts. All it needs is a different approach to things and a strong will. Bartku Ostałowskim from Poland is one such inspirational man. Like most men, he always wanted to drift, race cars, but an unfortunate car crash resulted in Bartku losing both his arms. Although most would’ve given up, Bartu isn’t the one who could deviate from his dreams.

Two years after the accident, he started driving again, using just his feet. As soon as he mastered the art of driving differently, he associated himself with professional drifting and what happened next, dropped jaws worldwide. Watch the video, the next time you leave something that you’ve always wanted to do, for later, just because you feel now is not the right time, kick yourself in the right place and just do it the way you know it. The only person stopping you, is you.

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