Video: Man jumps over two fast approaching superbikes

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al the jumper

Since the advent of youtube, it has been easy for weird talent to take center stage, go viral and spread the unusual word worldwide. Al the Jumper is one such man. This man from Sweden, after previously jumping over a speeding Lamborghini, is at it again. Only this time, he chose two wheels instead of four. Or make that four, as he jumped over two speeding superbikes, a Panigale and a ZX-10R slip streaming behind it, approaching Al at a speed of 110 kph!

As he leaves ground, the two motorcycles pass below him, his shoe almost hitting the first rider. What is also interesting to watch is how he waits for those two machines as they approach towards him, ready to take on them like a Sumo wrestler. Watch it, do not try it yourself.

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