VIDEO: If you ever needed proof that plus sized car spoilers aren’t just cosmetic add-ons

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monster tajima

The next time you see a double-decker rear spoiler on a seemingly under powered car, you might not respect the machine or the wannabe driver behind the wheel, but this video will surely make you realize the importance of that piece of kit on the boot. In this footage, one of the world’s most famous hill climber, tuning shop owner, rally team manager and former rally driver Nobuhiro ‘Monster’ Tajima was merrily kicking up some dust at an event in New Zealand, when suddenly, the wing just decided to fly on it’s own.

The failure causes the car to lose composure and sends the legendary driver and his machine sliding into the bushes, carrying some fencing and sheep along with it. Thanks to the super safe shell, Monster Tajima was seen joking about the crash and signing autographs, just 30 minutes after the incident.

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  • You may never know what resides under the hood of that Honda Civic 🙂

  • Sunanth says:

    Every single part of a rally car is there for a reason. If its not important, out with it. The dynamics of rallying are so different from the real world. The skirts on the bumpers, the inlets for air, the air con, spoilers, everything makes the car! The only issue is when you see a Honda Civic on the street with over sized spoilers, now that is just for show AND nothing else.. It can create issues when the car goes fast, as it isn’t scientifically designed..