Video: Drone video details one of the largest traffic Jams in China

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China traffic jam drone video

Drones have transformed imaging in the modern time. They are useful not just for recording good memories, but even while filming some of the not so desirable things in life. So while traffic jams were filmed by irritated mortals making offensive gestures while getting fried inside a car earlier, these days, they can be filmed by a guy having his ice-cream near a lake half a kilometre away. Something similar happened in China recently, where drone footage of a mammoth jam on one of China’s mega highways has left people the world over gasping in awe.

The footage is that of the G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Expressway, which was stuck by a humongous traffic jam when millions of Chinese citizens started driving back after a week-long vacation.

The event in question was the Golden Week, a seven day holiday which started from October 1st. Thanks to the long holiday period, according to some estimates, half of China was travelling to holiday destinations, bringing road, rail and air transport under tremendous pressure.  Trains were overloaded, highways were clogged and airports did not have space for people during this period. The video, as filmed by the drone, is just one of the many aftermaths of the long holiday.

The video shows a wide, multi-lane highway brought completely to a halt, helped in act by a toll booth, further disrupting traffic flow. The expressway in question, also known as the Jinggang’ao Expressway spans across China with a length of close to 2300 km and is widely used by the citizens during holiday season.

Check out the astonishing video below

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