Video: Crazy Arabs driving SUV on two wheels, replacing tyres on the move

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It’s no secret that Arabs are a crazy breed when it comes to automobiles. If you call yourselves an auto enthusiast, you must have seen a bunch of maniacs dangling down a car travelling at 150km/h on two wheels – that’s Arab for ‘having fun in a car’ for you. If you have not, search Youtube for terms like ‘Arabs cars on two wheels’ or ‘Arabs drifting’ immediately – you have missed a lot in your life.

However, even after having seen all that, and then some, the following video is going to make you splash your face with some cold water and then get yourself pinched to believe if what you saw here is for real. It depicts a bunch of looneys replacing the tyre of their SUV, while the thing is still moving. And how do you do that? Well, quite simply, you drive the vehicle on two wheels, even as the mechanics walk across the foot-board, bonnet and boot. Just watch this insane video to believe it.

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