Video: The 2014 Ferrari East Coast Rally

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Ferraris in NY

A lone red Ferrari is enough to stop you in your tracks if you come across one. The distinct eargasmic roar from its exhaust is enough to turn your gloom into euphoria, while the design has the potential to bring tears to the eyes of even the most heartless of men. It isn’t just a brand that builds fast cars, those cars from Maranello are like a magnet which has the ability to polarise an atheist and transform him into worshiping red. A Ferrari isn’t just a car, its a fuel which ignites desires across the world, a want for most, which turns into reality only for some. So what happens when a bunch of Ferraristi decide to hit the streets of one of the most desirable cities in the world?

Ferrari decided to celebrate their 60 illustrious years in the USA. So a bunch of Ferraris got together for the 2014 Ferrari East Coast Rally, which included 458’s, 360 Modena’s, the Enzo, a 575, some fast forward FF’s and some classics too. The result, a whole lot of Americans learnt an Italian word that day- Spettacolare!

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