A Veyron with Maruti underpinnings? Oh, boy!

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This story clearly illustrates that there are many more Dilip Chhabrias out there, except with less money in the bank. Modified cars are quiet a common sight in our country and the youth go haywire with the kind of embellishments they adorn their beloved automobiles with. But, even in the world of the outright outrageous and mind-baffling, there comes a person who defies the way your vision actually perceives an object. In this case, it’s a custom car-design firm from Hyderabad, called Sf Carz. Now, for earnest Veyron fans out there, this creation could be an eye-sore and a case of blasphemy! But, if you happen to own a Maruti Esteem and life is a bit dull, hey! Sf Carz might be your “go-to” place. The place where you go in being an average Raj (“naam toh suna hi hoga”), to the Raj who drives out with a pseudo Hypercar, but he’s still an average Raj. Why? Well, he did have to spend some cash on this modification, which we don’t think comes cheap.


“Goodness gracious, that’s a Veyron! Oh, wait..”

Now, we all know all there is to know about the mighty Bugatti Veyron! A car that was ideated to be the best automobile in the world! Today, we call this wonderful masterpiece of human ingenuity and a technological tour de force, the Bugatti Veyron. A hypercar that mullers every other ‘fast’ car that’s ever been conceptualised and created. The standard Veyron, first stunned the world in 2005 and comes with a truly epic 8.0-litre W16 (16 cylinders!) engine that’s got 4 turbochargers and 10 radiators to keep the whole system from exploding in a ball of fire. This monster of an engine produces over 1000 horsepowers and well over 1200 Nm of torque, that’s enough torque to pull at least 10 Esteems if towed to the back-end of this Bugatti.


Super Sport – The fastest Veyron, till date.


We presume, that rear wing might as well create some lift.

Hiding under this pseudo Veyron shell, is a bog-standard Maruti Esteem. A humble, no-nonsense car that originally  has a 1.3-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine and comes equipped with modern niceties like Multi-Point Fuel Injection (MPFI) and a aerodynamic body. The engine pumped out a respectable 80+ horses and made the Esteem quite a fun car to drive around in the city. Come to think of it, some of us learnt driving on an Esteem when we went to a driving school.


Nope, that isn’t a W16. Nor are those real air-scoops for the engine.

Most of us have seen an Esteem or two with a rear spoiler, but this “Feyron” (as we like to call it), has a massive rear wing, just like the one on the real hypercar. That wing, though, produces actual downforce which helps keep the car glued to the road at over 400 kmph! By the looks of it, the ‘spoiler’ on this Feyron, doesn’t appear to be as effective on the counts of on-road aerodynamics. But, that’s rather besides the real point here. This modification was never done (or so we hope) to increase the original car’s performance. The primary objective was (again, we hope) to steal eyeballs as it goes past.


Probably the only Veyron with a raised ride height.


Does this car remind you of the car some of us saw in the Bollywood flick, Taarzan: The Wonder Car?

As valiant as the efforts are by the creators of the Feyron, the A-pillars and the windshield sort of gives it away as a fake, not to mention the tall roofline and the narrow profile of the whole car. But as much as we want to chuckle and pinpoint the flaws in this ripoff of a rebuild, we cannot run away from the fact that the folks at Sf Carz really have done something that no one would probably ever do in the first place. We, at Motoroids, do appreciate them for this car, on the sheer basis of their effort and we presume, oodles of determination. Though, the resultant product, the Feyron, doesn’t look very convincing and looks ‘less than good looking’ from certain angles. However, let us know what you think of this Bugatti Veyron look-alike and you are welcome to give us your opinion and feedback on the comments section, below.

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  • Tamil says:

    Amazing Creativity .. Indians are talented .. they just need an Initiation .!!!

  • bishal says:

    Bro plz dnt mak fun of him coz by his side he hav done a great thing which i appreciate lot coz we r nt able to do lik him .so plz stop making fun. Its nt fr me bt fr a huminity .thank u.

  • Pathikrit says:

    it’s really a nice work.chop down the springs a bit and fit in larger rims 🙂

  • kapil says:

    Wow .. thats ‘ Make In India ‘ spirit.
    Atleast someone has tried designed and using their imagination.

    Thats the kind that need to be encourgaed and enrolled to DC Design school for free.


  • Rakesh says:

    Can oder ppl also customise der esteems just like dis pretty creation . Would u like to give the address r some info abt customizer …. !!!