The Kia Carnival MPV – What Sets It Apart From The Toyota Innova?

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The Toyota Innova has for long walked a path of unchallenged popularity. Toyota’s family vehicle is just as popular with fat cats and fleet operators alike, and also among those who want a comfortable backseat experience inside a bulletproof, spacious, comfortable and reliable vehicle. Until now, the only real upgrade from an Innova was another Innova. However, that is about to change now. The Kia Carnival MPV is about to be launched soon and by the looks of it, and on paper, for the first time, it offers a real alternative to the Japanese MPV. Here’s what sets it apart from the Innova:

Kia Carnival front quarter featured

VIP Rear Seats With Entertainment Package

Kia grand Carnival MPV Second Row seats

With the focus on the second row, the India-spec Carnival will be offered with captain seats in the middle. These chairs will also offer extendable leg support and allow you to Netflix on the two screens affixed to the front seat backrests and chill. Okay we aren’t sure about Netflix but there will be so much space, you can definitely chill. If you are reading this in Delhi, here’s some warmth, those middle row seats also offer a heating function. For those reading in Bombay and elsewhere down south, the front seats are ventilated.

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Powered Sliding Door and Rear Tailgate

Kia Grand Carnival MPV Rear

Unlike the Innova, the Kia Carnival doesn’t make you open a door for the middle row and climb in. It comes fitted with a powered piece of sliding metal which only requires a push of a button and you can then walk into the cabin. The tailgate is powered too!

Dual-Panel Electric Sunroof

Kia Carnival Features

If you must’ve have noticed, most Toyota cars don’t offer a sunroof at all since the manufacturer is so focussed on reliability, they know that with time, sunroofs can leak, jam due to leaves or throw up other problems. But that doesn’t stop people from wanting one and the Kia Carnival offers a dual-panel sunroof – one for the front row and one for the middle section.

3-Zone Climate Control

Kia Carnival climate control

Where the Innova only rear AC vents with variable fan settings, the Carnival will offer a 3-zone climate control system where the front seat occupants can select their individual weather setting and rear seat occupants will have to find common ground with regards to temperature.

More Features

Kia Carnival Cabin

The Carnival will offer a 7″ infotainment system, which unlike the Innova, will offer compatibility with smartphone systems like CarPlay or Android Auto in addition to Kia’s UVO connect tech. The cabin will also come fitted with things like a wireless charger, a colour MID, a premium audio system, an electronic parking brake, sunshade blinds for the second and third-row and a powered driver’s seat. In terms of safety, there will be multiple airbags, Hill-start assist, ESC, blind-spot collision warning and front and rear traffic collision warning along with a rearview camera.

Diesel Automatic

Kia Carnival INdia (1)

The Innova is offered with three engine options – 2 diesel and one petrol. The Carnival will only offer one – a 2.2-litre diesel which will be paired with a six-speed automatic. Since the Kia won’t be offered in base trim, it won’t be as popular among fleet-operators and private owners will most likely also enjoy the exclusivity factor. On the other hand, the Toyota Innova is a proven product which has stood the test of time in the Indian market. It still enjoys immense popularity and the Carnival will have to work really hard to beat that.

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