The IED Syrma Concept was styled by four Indians on board the design team

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2015 IED Syrma Concept

Exhibited earlier this month at the International Motor Show 2015 in Geneva, the IED Syrma is a hybrid supercar concept designed by Milanese design school IED (Istituto Europeo di Design), which is focused on safety and created at the request of Italian motoring publication Quattroruote.

2015 IED Syrma Concept Rear Shot

What’s more, among the 11 students responsible for the design, which was a part of their Masters’ thesis, four of them are from India, while the others are from Poland, China, Israel, Taiwan, Iran and Mexico.  The Syrma is actually the brainchild of Xingwu Li from China, while the four Indians are Marshin Bhatt (25), Rahul Sadwelkar (23), and Sunny Ramrakhiani (31) – all from Mumbai, and Gaurav Jagtap (26), from Pune.

IED-Syrma Rear

The Syrma looks futuristic, especially from the back, with its high-mounted exhaust; while the whole car is essentially a blue wing-like structure, with aluminium blades beneath it. A nod to the iconic McLaren F1, the interior layout entails three staggered front seats with the driver’s seat located in the middle for maximum visibility, while the cockpit that “envelops” the two passengers, is covered by a teardrop-shaped windscreen.

IED-Syrma Site Shot

Under the hood lies a theoretical hybrid propulsion system with V6 twin turbo 4-litre engine, and an electric engine in the rear that together delivers 900 HP of maximum power. The show car, however, stands without a drive-train. The vehicle starts with the electric engine and later switches to the fuel engine after a certain speed.


Designed to deliver total safety, the car purportedly features an array of innovative passive and active safety techniques. In electric mode, the car is completely silent and its arrival at night is signalled by front laser projection of messages and images on the road.

IED-Syrma Front Side View

The group has been working on the design since October, beginning with 3D modelling. The full-scale resin and clay-based model was ready by March, with some parts fabricated through 3D printing as well. Quattroruote sponsored the entire project, which cost nearly 2 million euros.

IED-Syrma Rear Top View

via Mid Day; Images: IED

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