The Genius Wood Artist and his floating automobile collection

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Wooden Artist Livio-De-Marchi

Each one of us at one point of time or the other during our childhood had the fascination of making paper boats no sooner did monsoons hit the soil. Poodles and streamlets were substituted for mini oceans and rivers for our boat races till a downpour washed away our artwork. For us grown-ups now, it’s a forgotten pastime, but for a select few like renowned wood artist Livio De Marchi, the enthusiasm lives on.

Ferrari F50 wooden boat by Livio-De-Marchi

A degree holder in art and drawing from ‘Accademia di Belle Arti’ Italy- Livio holds high fancy for automobiles. With initial interest in marble and bronze, he finally moved on to wood as a carving medium. Complemented by his love for boats and passion for wood carving, he has sculpted a boat collection in shapes of the Volkswagen Beetle, Ferrari F50, a 1937 Jaguar, Mercedes SL300, Fiat Topolino and even a Vespa scooter.

Wooden art by Livio-De-Marchi

Livio’s art though is not just limited to boats- from wooden jackets to floating chariots and everything in between with detailing amply reflected in his creations. Our salute to the 73 year old artist whose steady hands even at this age work flawlessly utilizing only a traditional set of tools.

One can visit his virtual museum at

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