Superheroes And Their Super Cool Motorcycles

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Superheroes are cool but you know what makes them cooler? When they get astride a motorcycle to beat the bats out of bad guys. Motorcycles have a certain appeal which can even make a layman feel like a superhero but when you are already blessed with superhuman powers or have developed extraordinary skills, motorcycles tend to elevate the cool quotient even further. Over the years, we have witnessed many superheroes riding motorcycles, whether they belong to the DC universe or are a part of Marvel. We have compiled a list of superheroes who absolutely won our hearts when they swung their leg over a motorcycle:


The number one on this list has to be the Batpod. Featured in the Batman Trilogy by Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale’s Batman is particularly fond of the Batpod. The first time we got a glimpse of it, our jaws dropped on the floor! It was powered by a 750cc Honda engine, had fibreglass body panels and an exhaust concealed within the frame. But the most exciting part about the Batpod has to be the technology and the firepower it packed! Even the Catwoman got a chance to ride it in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Need to take down a supervillain or want to make your way by exploding the cars in front of you? Build yourself a Batpod. But then we aren’t Bruce Wayne so let’s just leave it here.

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Batman Batpod

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider might not be anyone’s favourite superhero but the fact that he rides a burning chopper named Grace makes him a proper badass. In the original Ghost Rider movie, the chopper was built around a Harley but in the 2011 sequel, a Yamaha Vmax was used. The chopper was actually modelled after the Easy Rider “Captain America” bike prior to its angry transformation into a huge beast with a giant skull for a headlight and chains for forks.

Ghost Rider chopped

Captain America

Captain America resonates with the American spirit so the motorcycle that he rides has to reflect the same, no? When we are talking about the American spirit, there’s no other brand more suited than Harley-Davidson. The biologically-enhanced, wiser-than-thou superhero originally rides a customized military 1942 Harley-Davidson WLA but is later seen astride a 2012 Harley-Davidson Softail Slim in The Avengers. In Captain America: The Winter Soldier and movies that follow in the MCU timeline, he rides a Harley-Davidson Street 750. Later on, it becomes an integral part of his mission equipment.

Captain America Harley


Wolverine is almost everyone’s favourite character in the X-Men universe and rightly so! Who doesn’t love a rugged superhero with retractable claws made out of adamantium? In 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine, however, the character is seen stealing a Harley-Davidson DuoGlide. Not in just movies, even in the comics, there have been umpteen instances where the Wolverine can be seen riding a motorcycle. Just when we thought that Wolverine can’t be any cooler, he decides to ride a Harley!

Wolverine Harley

Black Widow

She is an absolute heart-throb. We were already obsessing over her and then thanks to a commercial tie-up between Harley-Davidson and Marvel cinematic universe, we got to see Black Widow jumping out of a jet astride the Livewire! Featured in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’, the Livewire then was still in its prototype phase. They then decided to ramp up our expectations by making the Black Widow ride the prototype electric bike. People might talk about the Livewire considering many things but geeks will always remember it because it was the Black Widow who rode it first!

Black Widow Livewire

Bruce Wayne

In the night, Bruce Wayne turns into ‘The Caped Crusader’ but during the day, he lives a lifestyle many of us can only dream of. It includes getting astride exotic machines and when it comes to that, we can’t leave MV Agusta out of the equation. In the movie “The Dark Knight” (2008), Bruce Wayne takes his MV Agusta F4 out to meet Melvin White at 1502, Randolph Apartments. MV Agusta is renowned for producing one of the most gorgeous and exotic motorcycles on the planet. The reason why we weren’t surprised to know that Bruce Wayne opted for an MV Agusta as his personal means of transportation.

Bruce Wayne Mv Agusta

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