Steelbird offers new carbon fiber helmet range, starting Rs 10,000!

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Steelbird, one of India’s leading helmet brands is now offering a carbon fiber helmet. The great thing about this offering is that you don’t have to rob a bank to own this one, as the company is offering it at a price of Rs 10,000. Now that may sound like a lot of money to quite a few of you, but these days a normal helmet from a reputed brand like KBC would cost you more than Rs 10K. A carbon fiber only helmet for any such brand wont cost you anything less than Rs 25-30K. In that sense, it’s quite a deal.

Steelbird carbon fiber helmet

Carbon fiber, apart from its great strength and ultra light weight is considered a material which is associated with fast and ultra exclusive machines. That’s one of the reasons why auto aficionados are always ready to shell out more money for stuff made from the material. The Rs 10,000 price tag is where the range starts. You have the option of choosing from models from the lineup which are more expensive, and offer better functionality / style.

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