Opinion : The future of the car infotainment industry, by Deepak Asrani

Blaupunkt India Head of Product Deepak Asrani speaks about Future of the Car Infotainment Industry.

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Deepak Asrani - Head of Product – Blaupunkt India

The automobile industry in India has grown significantly in the past few years with new brands and models being introduced across all categories. With the growth of the automobile sector, other complementary segments have also grown considerably. One of these emerging sectors is the car infotainment industry. Car infotainment or in–vehicle infotainment is a word that isn’t unfamiliar to most of us anymore. It’s one of the most promising trends coming up in this new decade and there is all likelihood that we will see more integration of mobile applications and automotive infotainment systems with the sole aim of creating a seamless handover while entering and exiting the vehicle.

Cars have become a hub of information and we have started relying on them to keep us connected to the outside world every second. While earlier we used individual / stand alone products like radios, CD/DVD players, display screens and navigation systems; in–car entertainment and information systems offers vehicle owners the option of having all these products on the same platform. Such a system replaces multiple products and offers the users a much more enhanced and better experience. The infotainment system is moving towards becoming more than an entertainment center providing a central interface for the vehicle driver. Mobile applications are being developed daily to assist in seamless transition from the phone to car infotainment and vice versa while entering or exiting a vehicle. We have seen a significant growth in the adoption of android based radios and with this increased adoption of this platform prices will become more consumer friendly.

The most emerging trend in the Indian automotive industry is the connected car. While the thought of using our cell phones to stay in touch while on the go, get map notifications and listening to music is very tempting; it is also dangerous to operate these devices while on the go. Improved connectivity with the surrounding infrastructure is the key to ensuring a safer driving experience. The consumers have started opting for customised solutions once they’ve realised the myriad of options available including – On demand video, text to voice and voice to text among others.

Safety has always been a concern as distractions are easy if using multiple functions while driving but the coming years indicate a better control on such as most devices can now be controlled by easy voice commands. It also indicates less intrusion while driving so as not to divert attention from the road. Devices which can be accessed via the steering wheel are also gaining prominence quickly.

The vehicle owners have been vocal about their requirements and with the advent of technology it has become possible to create systems which meet them. The manufacturers of the car infotainment systems are working with a collective vision to empower the customers with an enriched experience with a wide array of choices. The industry is also moving towards the development of a centre console that acts as the primary interface with the vehicle and the outside world for anything that you want to control in the vehicle or how it communicates with established infrastructure around it.

Deepak Asrani is the Head of Product – Blaupunkt India

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