Now, a water propelled Jetpack: insane fun!

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Youtube is cluttered with videos of people trying to fly on a jetpack. Now most of these jetpacks have their own flaws, or they fail completely. Moreover, flying on a jet-pack over terra firma can turn out to be lethal if anything goes wrong. Here’s a jetpack (Jetlev R200) which uses very strong pressure of water as the propellant and keeps you afloat above water, in the air. As you would have imagined by now, it looks like an insanely fun machine. Powered by a 200bhp motor, the jetpack unit lets you maneuver your way up, down, towards left or right just by moving the bars in your hands. Yours for $100,000 this jetpack is the ultimate toy for boys. Forget about buying property. Break your FD. Buy this one, you only live once!

Via Translogic

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