New technology to allow car insurance claims online

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Till now you had to wait for your insurance company’s surveyor to assess your car’s damage and give a good price. This won’t be the case anymore. Former Maruti Suzuki head Jagdish Khattar led Carnation is pioneering a new technology in the country which would throw the physical surveyors out of the window.

Carnation has employed a new technology sourced from British firm Audatex that allows a car service firm to evaluating damage, file the claim and get sanctions from the insurer – everything online. The new technology offers the customer a uniform rate for parts and labour costs across the nation. If your car met with an accident, and requires some parts to be replaced or damages to be fixed, you take it to the workshop – a Carnation workshop in this case. Now, a specialist at the workshop will take pictures of the damaged parts and will post them online in the Audatex software. On the other end, the insurer’s representative will check the pictures and sanction a compensation amount. Once the damaged items and the required repairs have been decided, the prices for the same appear on the software. These rates include labour charges and are uniform across the country.

A variety of insurers such as Bajaj Allianz, ICICI Lombard and Bharti-AXA have agreed to work on the new platform. The new technology will save insurers money as the expenses on the surveyor and follow up procedures will be taken out. This would also put an end to the bogus claims made by some surveyors who worked closely with the customers to loot the company.

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