Naughty, naughty Rossi, caught in the act!

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We’d like to issue a parental advisory for those below 18 years of age before they begin reading (or seeing) this bit. The kids are getting raunchier by the day, aren’t they?

Valentino Rossi, our beloved MotoGP legend was very recently spotted on a Rs 5 crore yacht getting personal with his girl friend. While there’s nothing wrong with the idea, what we are really amazed about is who managed to click those pictures and sent it across to a gossip magazine for money? Seems like Rossi’s got a mole within his own pack of friends.

Rossi, whose Casanova image is well established, seems to have fallen for Vale Marwa Klebe, with who he’s been together since 2009. The couple is also said to be contemplating marriage. There are much raunchier images in the collection, but we were a little skeptical in posting those pics here on Motoroids. Those interested, can visit the gossip mag Oggi’s site for more …
PS: What would be a good caption for this pic according to you?

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