Motoroids to organize trauma and first aid workshop on 13 March

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Motoroids, in association with the Mahakali ALM, will be organizing a workshop on first aid and trauma on 13th March. The focus of this workshop would be to educate members about handling trauma especially in case of road-accidents and being able to administer first-aid. Sometimes manhandling of a victim can and does cause more damage than being of help. The workshop would formally train attendants on ensuring that a road-accident victim is handled safely before he reaches the nearest hospital or clinic.

We had organized a similar workshop earlier as well. As before, it will be a full day course, with hands on training. Course material will be distributed to the participants beforehand so that they can benefit fully. There were a lot of people who we could not accomodate last time, so please register early!

There will be several people from the locality participating too, so we have fewer seats for Motoroids this time, though. However, the scope of the course has been enlarged some to include stuff like treatment of burns, etc, and there will be breaks for snacks during the course.

Please note, those who had not registered for the last workshop will be given priority regarding registration.

We’re holding it at Andheri  E on 13th March as mentioned previously in the post.

Some other salient points:

•    The ALM group is actively helping
•    There will be some members of the public.
•    In all probability, the local corporator/MLA may attend
•    The local police stn, BMC have been told to depute people to attend the workshop
•    Additional modules such as burns, insect bites, choking etc are included
•    Refreshments will be served during both sessions, lunch has to be managed

Registration Fee: Rs 100

Visit this page for information and registration. Confirm registration on the forums by adding your name to the list, or as a comment after the post.

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