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This month Motoroids caught up with ‘Gutzy Roadies’ – a motorcycle and stunt group from Chennai. Here’s all the important information about this club.

gutzy roadies

Q) When and where was the club formed?

A) The Club was formed by Vimal aka VeeMAX in August 2007 along with bike enthusiast’s –  Abishek, Senthil and Yaseen, to spread the biking brotherhood among the youth. The Club operates in Chennai.

gutzy roadies

Q) How often do members meet up?

A) We meet up every once a week for our Stunt practice sessions and other discussions pertaining to the club.

gutzy roadies

Q) Which aspect of riding is the group more into?

A) The bike becomes a way of life and a commitment to all roadies who are involved in the club activities, so we respect all aspects of biking – Freestyle stunt riding, touring & racing. We happen to have a major presence in Stunting, because we believe it is very flashy and provides ample space for bikers to show their talent, innovation and grit. However, Stunting is an individualistic choice and no one is compelled to be part of it.

gutzy roadies

Q) What distinguishes this biking group from others?

A) We were the first to show the ‘ Dark Art’ of stunting in a safe way and promote it as a sport, by performing at public shows initiated by Tamilnadu Government. The club is also known for introducing new forms of stunt acts in India such as circular wheelies and no hand wheelies.

gutzy roadies

Q) How many riders are currently associated with the group?

A) More than 50 members

gutzy roadies

Q) Where is one most likely to see the group in action?

A) Every weekend post lunch at Chennai Cholvaram Air Strip.

gutzy roadies

Q) Is there any biking hierarchy within the group?

A) No. Everyone is treated equally and in a respectful manner.

gutzy roadies

Q) Are there any requisites to joining the group?

A) The rider must be over 18 years old, must own a two wheeler and hold a valid license. Riders without appropriate riding gear are not entertained to participate in the club activities. Besides this, we make sure that we do not indulge in street racing, obey traffic regulations and are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs while riding.

gutzy roadies

If you are interested in joining this group, drop in an email to [email protected]

If you want your biking group to be featured on this page, drop in a mail to [email protected] with your group’s pictures and answers to all the questions above.


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