Hum Hain Hyderabadi organizes 100k ride: Will take place during the third week of June!

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The past few weeks witnessed the rough excitement of the Indian Premier League (IPL), but still Motorsports did not stay behind. One after the other, a new Motorsport event is being organized. Since the last few years, Motorsports in India has been climbing a slope and now it seems like the slope is getting steeper and steeper which is bringing motorsports in India to a new level. More organizations are organizing track days and local organizations are organizing local motorsports events. However, Hum Hain Hyderabadi has organized a nationwide event christened ‘The 100k Ride’.

What is the 100k Ride?

The 100k ride is a bike rally of the TSD (Time Distance Speed) format. The rally is scheduled to take place soon on the third week of June. The confirmed dates will be out soon. Watch this place for more information. The rally will cover a distance of 100 km, as the name suggests. This ride will consist of 5 checkpoints where in the rider is supposed to be at the right time at the right speed and at the right place. The minimum requirement is to be able to safely ride any bike from the HONDA, HERO HONDA, SUZUKI, TVS, BAJAJ and YAMAHA stable continuously for 100 km. the ride will be made up of 6 teams of each brand which will be flagged off from 6 different locations from which the riders will have to ride up till GMR ARENA, SHAMSHABAD AIRPORT. The bikers have to follow the TSD format and will have to cover a distance of 100 km within about 2 ½ hours riding at an average speed of 40 kmph. The event will adopt guidelines from the FMSCI (Federal Motorsports Council of India).

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What’s so great about this event?

We usually go for our bike trips with as less as two or as much as 50 or more riders. However, in a rally, the present record for a total number of bikes of a common brand taking part is 915. On the other hand, the record for multiple brand bikes in a rally is about 20,000. This event will attempt to break both of these existing records and place a new record. So think fast, you could be one of the bikers contributing towards a new World Record.

Where will the rally take place?

All riders will ride from a stadium within the city limits of Hyderabad. Yes you guessed it right! Each team will be assigned one stadium to start from that makes it 6 stadiums within city limits. All riders from the 6 stadiums will eventually have to ride to GMR ARENA, SHAMSHABAD AIRPORT in Hyderabad.

How do I register for the Rally?

Registering yourself for the rally is not at all difficult. All you have to do is go to your nearest authorized dealer of the above mentioned brands (HONDA, HERO HONDA, SUZUKI, TVS, BAJAJ and YAMAHA) and ask for the registration forms for ‘The 100k Ride’. The good news is that there is no entry fee for the event. Or you may also register yourself online from here.

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