Here’s how much it costs to run a Formula 1 team

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£158 million, or approximately INR 1464.40 Crore, going by current exchange rates (1 British Pound Sterling = 92.5 Indian Rupees as of 23/3/2015) – that’s how much it costs to run a Formula 1 team competitively for a full season. London-based publishing house Raconteur has recently made an interesting info-graphic of the approximate costs involved in running one of the world’s most expensive sports.

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To break it all up, Research & Development Activities, which include Wind Tunnel and Track tests, among other things will cost you around £41 million (380 Crore INR – approx); while Salaries will set you back by £42 million ( 340 Crore INR – approx) – drivers alone walk away with around £13 million; Lewis Hamilton’s one-off, graphically purple Pagani Zonda 760 LH makes sense here.

Production, which encapsulates Manufacturing, Engine and other key components is set at £39 million (362 Crore INR – approx)

It doesn’t get over so soon, as the all important Operations part, which includes Logistics, Entertainment, Freight, IT, Fuel, Professional Services, along with the factory and utilities should add up to about £36 million (334 Crore INR -approx).

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Let’s come to the car now – a whopping £6 million ( 55 Crore INR – approx) worth, rolling potpourri of carbon fiber, titanium and other high strength materials. The aurally flat, yet immensely capable V6 Turbo Hybrid Power costs £3.5 million ( INR 33 Crore – approx); while the carbon fiber monocoque and the transmission is pegged at £1 million ( INR 9 Crore – approx) and £750,000 (INR 7 Crore – approx) respectively. A set of tires will burn a £1300 (1.2 lakh INR – approx) sized hole in your pocket.

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Formula One sponsorship liveries have been used since the late 1960s. With sponsors becoming more important in the wake of the rising costs in Formula One, as many as seven strategically located areas on the car are chosen, so that logos of the team’s sponsors are visible as clearly as possible. More visible areas are sold at a premium – for example, the air-box and side pad areas are sold for £17 million a piece, which translates to approximately INR 64 Crore; while a slightly less visible area, like the top of the nose, will purportedly retail at £2 million; or about INR 19 Crore.

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