HelSTAR: The Wireless Helmet Brake & Signal Light

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Motorcycle visibility is a serious issue. Because brake lights are placed low, on a motorcycle you can sometimes turn invisible to a fast approaching car or a truck while being stationary at a red light or when riding slow in the dark. What makes matters worse is that not many of us are always dressed in fluorescent clothing or wear light colored clothes when we ride. That’s where HelSTAR comes in—the wireless, helmet brake and turn signal system designed to increase visibility and save lives.

With HelSTAR, a secondary brake and turn signal is placed in the line of sight of following motorists. It uses state-of-the-art LEDs that tell motorists around you whether you are braking or turning—and helps in attracting attention of the vehicle following you. It installs easily on any motorcycle or helmet and the embedded chipset is fully programmable and can be updated to add features like brake modulation.


Some salient features of the HelSTAR:

  • Almost all battery power is for LED illumination instead of RF communication with the motorcycle – which means brighter lights and longer battery life
  • It also means there’s no on-off switch for the helmet—it works without any user intervention! You cannot forget to turn it on – or off – and have the batteries die.
  • Breakaway design helps prevent neck injuries in the event of a fall
  • Automatic diagnostics include battery check, RF communication and LED function
  • A single helmet receiver can link to multiple transmitters (motorcycles) and you can mate a single transmitter (motorcycle) with multiple receivers (helmets)
  • Hundreds of thousands of unique codes prevent cross communication with other units and stray interference
  • Designed to work with virtually all 12V systems, including CAN-Bus
  • User programmability ensures compatibility and allows for future functionality and enhancements (like brake modulation)
  • Meets or exceeds DOT standards
  • Can be installed on any standard DOT helmet meant for street use with a smooth hard surface

The HelSTAR is currently in a prototype testing phase, to read more about it, click here

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