Five Motorcycles for all Moods, Seasons and Pockets

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It isn’t impossible to make any motorcycle do what you want it to. But not all machines are so versatile that they can dance to any music your right wrist plays. Moreover, put some of them out of their comfort zone and trouble will arrive in the form of protests and resultant damages. There are some motorcycles though which are brilliant at doing it all, at your beck and call. However, they’re mostly expensive and out of reach. Or are they?

Yamaha FZ25


Yamaha’s latest kid on the block is quite simply the most displacement you can buy for the least amount of money. It might not be a hero on paper, but is quite a performer on the road. A decently fast and easy going motorcycle, the Yamaha FZ 25 will do it all and do it charmingly. Whether you thumb its starter for that everyday commute, the pointless ride to the grocery store or for that super quick blast over the weekend.

Bajaj Dominar


Their flagship, the Bajaj Dominar comes with all the modern bits and a powerful engine that makes it an irresistible package at that price. Although it has been launched as an entry-level sports tourer, it is equally fun when you dip it in and out around bends and take it off the road to find your spot next to a Lake. The sort of upright but sporty riding stance makes it an equally fun motorcycle within the city.

Honda CBR 250

We know a man whose CBR 250 has rolled to cover over 1,25,000 km of Indian roads. For someone who has measured nearly half the distance to the Moon on a Honda, he has been using that machine for his everyday commute, his really long weekend rides, and some really frequent cross country journeys. It might be old now but is certainly one of the most reliable machines out there. Don’t believe us? Click this part.

Duke 390


A machine which no longer needs an introduction, the Duke 390’s capabilities are well known and we don’t even have to tell you why would you buy one. What really surprises us though is the fact that even after all these years, there still isn’t a real challenger out there to threaten the might of this Austrian pocket rocket. There is one if you want some fairing but that’s just as orange too.

Yamaha R3



The Yamaha R3 is a sweet machine that just couldn’t set the charts on fire, only because of that sticker tag. Moreover, it lost the fight on paper against KTM’s lower priced competitors. But then if you ever ride one, there is no going back to a single cylinder motorcycle. Not for nothing is it still one of those machines we remember fondly every Friday.


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