Dissatisfied Indian born Aussie Jeep Cherokee customer makes funny rap video to bash Jeep Chrysler online

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Indian Australian dissatisfied cutomer Jeep rap song

One of the most expensive things people buy in their life after a house is a car, and the last thing you would want is your precious possession on wheels getting marred by issues every other day. You take it to the service centre but find another issue the next week and this keeps occurring again and again. While most of us would just sell the car after a while, Teg Sethi has gone a step further and created a rap song based on the problems faced by him after he bought a $60,000 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the problems it brought along just didn’t seem to end. Watch this crazy rap by Teg as he compares his new car to a lemon and the lemon laws in the video below:

The video, which features Teg and his Jeep Grand Cherokee with a registration plate that reads “LEMON”, is about the problems he faced as an owner of the infamous model, how he relates it to the lemon laws and having a ‘sour’ experience with them (Pun intended). What is also equally amusing is that Jeep Grand Cherokee is not infamous only to this extent.

Ashton and Vanessa Wood, another dissatisfied couple from Australia who were fed up with the brand after 22 issues and 4 years of relentless emails decided to publicly destroy their Jeep. After paying off the bank for the loan and raising funds for the destruction of their $49,000 Jeep, they destroyed it by breaking it into pieces, burning it down and burying what was left of it. He said that the campaign will go on until the law is changed or till the manufacturers take the right steps. Further details of this act can be accessed on their website as well as their facebook page.

destroy my jeep

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade out of it. We are sure that they made the most of it. What do you feel about these sour experiences? Tell us via comments or our various social media channels.

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