Deepa Malik

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A ‘One of a kind’ Biker

Being India’s only lady paraplegic biker who also holds a Limca record for her biking feat, Deepa Malik doesn’t rest on her laurels. Instead she is always eager to lead the biking community at awareness rides.

Words: Pradeb Biswas

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We bikers never wait for an auspicious moment to start cribbing about how our financial state is preventing us from buying a proper bike. We continually crib about the lack of good biking roads and bitch about being stuck in a pathetic 9am-6pm job which prevents us from attaining biking glory.  Once done with it, we occasionally fling a leg over our motorcycles and ride away without acknowledging that we are very lucky to be able to do so. Here is the story of a special lady biker who hasn’t allowed life’s adversity to prevent her from riding away to glory.

Deepa Malik’s first interaction with motorcycles started with riding the ones which belonged to her cousin’s. In those days (1985-87) motorcycles were not a kid’s commodity and it was difficult to convince an elderly person in the family to teach you how to ride one. Quite often she would quench her biking thirst by stealing and riding her dad’s Vespa scooter when he was not there at home.  When she started attending college, her brother joined the National Defence Academy while her dad who was serving in the Army got a field posting.

With Deepa and her mom left alone, to manage the house, she got permission to ride the scooter to bring groceries from the market and to do other household chores. Her face displays a glow that no cosmetic product can create, upon recalling those days when she used to wear jeans and ride two-wheelers of her friends and college buddies. She frankly admits that by doing so her character came under the scanner of the ‘old school’ mindset prevalent in those days.

deepa malik, paraplegic biker, motoroids,

Deepa was a judge at the Delhi round of the Castrol Power Hunt

After graduating in 88, she got married to Col Bikram Malik. It was a love marriage with an underlying agreement that the Colonel would gift a motorcycle to Deepa if she married him! She proudly says that she decided to get married to Bikram because he could ride a motorcycle flawlessly.  She got a Bajaj RTZ as a gift on her marriage day. The bike is in mint condition even today.  Since her childhood days Deepa had a passion for living a life on wheels.  However, an unfortunate medical condition permanently restricted her life on a wheel chair.

Deepa got affected by a repetitive spinal chord tumour in 1977. She suffered from another attack in 1995 and became paralysed waist below in 1999. She still carries 182 stitches between her seven vertebrates. After being discharged from the hospital it struck Deepa that her motorcycling days were over. During a casual conversation, a friend informed her about four-wheeled all terrain vehicles. Elated with the possibility of being able to ride again she surfed the internet for the photos of a few ATV’S and also saw a couple of videos on You Tube.

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