9 Skoda Superb features that elevate it above its more expensive counterparts

We took the 2016 Skoda Superb for a spin out of the city and here is a list of things the 2016 Skoda Superb is simply good at.

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2016 Skoda Superb (4)

Skoda is known to have named their babies with adjectives that they found in the Latin dictionary. Almost all the names are derived from one unique element of their car that sets it apart. So one day at their lab, the blokes at Skoda were so overwhelmed with their creation that they had no time to come up with a Latin name but just called it ‘Superb’. Now you call it a large family car, an executive saloon or a premium sedan, the all new 2016 Skoda Superb has ticked all the right boxes to live up to its name. We have already driven the latest iteration of the same and have put up an in-depth review on our portal. So here we are talking about the features that are packed in the 2016 Superb which remain unique to its class or as they say – Best in Next class. The Skoda Superb L&K was our support car of the day while we were on our way to test some American machines out of the city; these are some features of the Superb that proved really handy.

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Leg Room

2016 Skoda Superb (45)

Our team agrees when our Car Expert, Ayan Ghosh says, “Open the wide doors and the insides are a lounge that’s VIP entry only. It’s isn’t S-Class rich in here, but there’s enough to make the E-Class uncomfortable. The C-Class can take a walk.” Speaking of dimension, the legroom at the rear is 157 mm more than the previous model while the headroom stands at 980 mm. This combination is as good as heaven for humans who are tall, really tall. As a personal experience to share, I stand six feet tall and to be comfortable in the rear passenger seats, I really require unlimited space for relaxing stretches. And this Superb gave me the comfy feel.

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Boot Space

2016 Skoda Superb (77)

Sometimes you just want to pack things inside the car and leave for a much-needed vacation. You don’t want to leave any supplies back and therefore you utilise every inch of the space that is left in the car. This Skoda Superb here my dear friends offers a huge 625 litres of boot space! Pop the lid, stuff in your luggage and gear, throw in a few friends and drive away. Alright, get the humans out, pack in more things and be off. The Superb offers more boot space than the likes of BMW 5 series and also the Skoda’s very own Yeti SUV.


2016 Skoda Superb Umbrella

This is the classic Rolls-Royce act done by the Czech automaker. The front doors of the Skoda Superb house a small 3-fold umbrella on each side. The umbrella is not your ordinary saviour; the company claims that it is crafted with a high-grade fabric that provides protection from UV rays. Also, the panel ribs are made out of fibreglass. No idea if it will save you your complexion in the sun, but will definitely is handy when the rain god are pouring down.

Ventilated Seats

2016 Skoda Superb Front Seats

We were travelling in the Superb when the rains were on full chat. We had to get in and out of the car frequently to attend our test riders. In the process, we managed to get ourselves damp if not soaked in the rain. The ventilated front seats help us be warm in the bitter weather although we had to take turns and shuffle. On hot sunny afternoons, you get inside the car put the AC on full blast and turn up the seat ventilation to cold, nothing gets as comfortable as it does. That’s an extremely rare feature – some premium cars feature heated seats, but only a select few in India are offering ventilation with cool air.

Bootlid Virtual Pedal

2016 Skoda Superb (31)

They call it the virtual pedal feature that needs you to slide your foot under the rear bumper to pop up the boot lid. Initially, it took some kung fu practice to get the feature working but soon we got a hang of it! This feature is found in only a few high-end premium cars while the Superb offers it to you at a much smaller price.

 Headlamp washer

2016 Skoda Superb Headlamps (1)

The Skoda Superb likes to keep itself clean. On occasions when the Superb gets smeared with mud and dirt due to the muck hurled at it by other vehicles after a shower, the headlamp washer jet would pop out and clean the headlights by itself. While some premium cars offer the feature, most others skimp on it to save money.

Bi-Xenon Adaptive light system

The Bi-xenon Adaptive Frontlight System is not only a practical feature but also makes the Superb look cool. In dim lit situations, the headlamps are automatically activated by the light sensors, The AFS headlight control system changes the geometry of the light beam, adapting the light pattern on the road to different driving situations. It’s an advanced lighting system which works fantastically well in practice and surpasses the performance offered by cars which are substantially more expensive in some cases.

12 Speaker Canton Sound System

2016 Skoda Superb (76)

The Canton Sound System offered on the Laurin & Klement version is utterly impressive. The infotainment system gets 12 speakers including a sub woofer in the luggage compartment. Some much more expensive cars cannot match that elaborate audio arrangement and that crisp output.

Driver Fatigue detection

The Fatigue Detection system analyzes driver behaviour and assesses the level of his/her  fatigue on the basis of steering wheel movement. Then it triggers an acoustic and visual warning alerting the driver to stop and rest. At present this system is available only in cars which are significantly more expensive, which makes the Superb unique in its segment in yet another way.

The Skoda Superb has for more than a decade been a car that’s been over delivering for its price tag in India. Service is still a it of an issue with some, but you cannot find a fault with this impeccable machine beyond that tiny blemish. Those were the things we thought this exceptional limo offers which even cars from a segment or two above cannot. Think there are more features we have missed out on? We’d be very happy if you let us know through the comments section below or via one of the social networks. 

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