Video: This is the best Flying Car we have Seen to Date


Traffic has become a huge problem in our country, jammed roads do nobody good and also lead to more and more pollution to the environment. Sure, electric vehicles are good for the pollution part of the thing, but, it still will not help the traffic woes. So what can be done for a problem like this? We take our problems to the air, where there is much more space. Imagine a drone, which instead of a camera holds a human. Imagine leaving for work from your terrace and landing on your office terrace, that too by taking the most direct and shortest route possible. This seems to be the vision of this Filipino Inventor.

EMAV front

Kyx Mendiola, a professional hip-hop dancer and a self-taught drone maker can be seen flying a prototype of this drone in a controlled environment. This electric manned aerial vehicle is based on the small drones used for photographic purposes. Not only does it take care of traffic jams, using an electric drivetrain, this vehicle is also clean and pollution free. Seems like everything is in the favour of this vehicle. Australian electric vehicle company Star8 has been the choice of partner for Mendiola for this project. The Australian company will convert this vision of Mendiola into a commercial success. They plan to develop commercial versions of this EMAV with the capacity to carry between 2 to 4 people.

EMAV side

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Although the prototype can be seen flying in this video, there are still many hurdles the company will have to cross. Apart from the battery technology and powertrain management,  a major roadblock will be faced in the form of safety regulations. Being an all-new product in a very new segment itself, it will be difficult for the makers and also government bodies to come up with guidelines for such vehicles. Moreover, in the wrong hands, these vehicles can present quite a huge risk to the security of a city, state or even a country. Do watch the video uploaded on facebook which is embedded below.

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