Must Watch: Take a trip through a wormhole with the Ducati Diavel Diesel

Ducati and Diesel recently unveiled their jointly developed product, the exclusive Ducati Diavel Diesel. The productio...

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Ducati and Diesel recently unveiled their jointly developed product, the exclusive Ducati Diavel Diesel. The production will be limited to 666 units and the bike is the fruit of a collaboration between Andrea Rosso, Creative Director of Diesel Licences, and the Ducati Design Center. To create the Ducati Diavel Diesel, the two style centres were inspired by a hyperkinetic dynamism of a post-apocalyptic, retro-futuristic world. Space age marketing jargon needs to be backed with out of the world visuals.

And just look at that video. For all you know, the face behind that black helmet could be Matthew McConaughey, where the Ducati seems to be taking a trip down a wormhole. Space dust being blown off its dark and cold bodywork, the bike’s headlights pierce through some streamlined smoke, leaving some ghostly turbulence in its wake. Its Sputnik sourced, red lit LCD lights up along with other tell-tale lights, the rear Marchesini begins to spin like a resurrected turbine. And then the Diavel Diesel floats through darkness like a moving but still object that looks scary, mysterious and out worldly.


The Ducati Diavel Diesel features hand-brushed stainless steel superstructure with visible welding and rivets that are aimed to make it absolutely unmistakable and timeless. Details like the tank cover, front cowl and passenger saddle cover are examples of craftsmanship and style. The saddle, made of real leather, is unique to this Diavel, on which the pyramid element appears at various points: three identical faces embodying the three Ds of Ducati, Diavel and Diesel.


Other distinguishing features of this special Diavel include the lateral air intake covers, made of red methacrylate with the Diesel logo on the inside. Red is also the colour of the Brembo front brake callipers, of five chain links and the LCD dashboard, which recalls vintage digital displays. The Ducati Diavel Diesel’s exhaust system get black Zircotec ceramic coating and black silencers with ends machined from solid, on which the new pyramid motif appears.

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