Ducati Panigale to be sold with a new exhaust in Japan

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panigale-exhaust for Japan

For the Japanese, function takes precedence over form and no one else will know this better than Ducati. When launched, the Ducati Panigale was a tad too loud for the Japanese market. As a result, the Italian bike maker had to add an odd looking exhaust, remap the ECU, which transformed what is arguably one of the most beautiful motorcycles available on sale today. The long tail-pipe changed the character of the motorcycle completely and added an additional weight of about 3.5 kgs to the bike. The motorcycle in it’s restricted state could only make about 133 bhp.


Ducati seems to have found a better designed exhaust after two long years which will replace the single, long end-can with a twin-stacked exhaust system. Surprisingly, even after such strict motorcycle laws, the land of the rising Sun manages to manufacture some of the most extreme and fast motorcycles which are sold around the world.

Source: MCN

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