Auto Expo 2018: DC Hammer Is Another Thar Gone Wild; Costs INR 5.95 Lakh


Along with the TCA Supercar, indigenous car design and modification firm, DC also unveiled the Hammer, their take on the Mahindra Thar CRDe. In typical DC fashion, it receives a host of modifications that edge the fine line between imaginative and wild.


The Hammer gets a rigid hard top with an openable rear hatch and a lowered roofline for a hunkered down stance. They have added wide-body style fender and rocker flares with off-road spec stamped wheels and modified bumpers.


The interiors now get new door pads with faux leather trim. The roof benefits from a console with LED and indirect lighting. The car now gets 2 plus 2 front facing seats and a stylized centre console.


Customers can also choose to replace the faux leather with genuine leather and an upgraded double DIN audio system. Other options include power footsteps in the front and the rear and bi-xenon headlamps up front.


The custom can be ordered at the DC showrooms across the country. The mod will leave your pockets lighter by upwards of INR 5.95 Lakh, excluding the cost of the donor car.

Hammer 010
Hammer 009
Hammer 008
Hammer 006
Hammer 005
Hammer 004

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