Lazareth LM847 is a Maserati V8 driven 470 hp monstrosity to fall in love with!

Lazareth LM847 with a Maserati sourced V8 engine and 470 hp of Power makes an appearance at the Geneva Motor Show - images and details 



Lazareth LM847 (12)

Making an appearance somewhere on the hallowed grounds of the Geneva Motor Show is the Lazareth LM847. To start with, let’s not try to reason its existence. It cannot be justified for its function. It’s a monument, a piece of art and the living proof that humans can, should and will do what they like, no matter how sinfully irrational they may be. Sure, the Lazareth LM847 does resemble Dodge’s equally nuts Tomahawk that we all remember, but this one doesn’t really have anything to do with that one. The blokes at Lazareth have their own reserves of madness to dole out, and the LM847 is just one of the many examples of their unconventionally driven creative power.

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Powering the Lazareth LM847 is Maserati sourced 4.7-liter V8 that propelled the Quattroporte or Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione before the Italian carmaker reduced the ceecees, replacing them with turbo boost. Output figures are rated at 470 hp at 7000 rpm and 629 Nm of torque at 4750 rpm. All that firepower is transmitted to the wheels via a single-speed hydraulic coupling replacing the conventional multi-gear transmission.

The LM847 is more of a leaning quad than a motorcycle, but it doesn’t have a steering wheel, and is still driven by handlebars, so it’s pretty close to a motorcycle too. The bike somewhat resembles the Yamaha Tesseract in terms of its layout and approach.

Lazareth LM847 (5)

To rein in all that power the LM847 gets a 420mm double disc 8 piston Nissin setup up front with a double disc 255mm 4 piston Brembo setup at the rear. Footwear comes in the form of Michelin Power Cup Evo rubber. The dimensions of the motorcycle stand at 2650 x 900 x 1000 mm (lxwxh) with a wheelbase of 1850mmm and a weight of 400kg.

Check out the images of this lovable monstrosity in the gallery below

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Lazareth LM847

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