Auto Expo 2016: JBM Auto launches Citylife diesel bus

JBM Auto launches Citylife diesel bus, the diesel variant of its ultra low floor bus at the 2016 Auto Expo.


JBM Citylife (1)

JBM Auto launched the diesel version of its ultra-low-floor bus called “Citylife” at the 2016 Auto Expo in Delhi. The bus was launched by Nishant Arya, Executive Director, JBM Group in the presence of SK Arya, Chairman, JBM Group.

The diesel powered bus will be manufactured at the company’s manufacturing facility in Kosi, Uttar Pradesh that has a capacity to manufacture 2000 buses annually. The bus has been designed keeping in mind Indian traffic and weather conditions. Some unique features of this bus include a monocoque structure to ensure maximum strength and minimum weight, matching European standards for safety in case of front/side collision and rollover accidents. The fuel tank capacity of the bus stands at 265 litres. The bus has an independent front suspension (IFS) that will ensure a stress-free ride for passengers. To increase passenger safety and comfort, the bus will have cantilever seats and armrests, ensuring more room for standing passengers.

JBM Citylife (2)

Speaking to media about the launch, Nishant Arya, Executive Director, JBM Group said, “Citylife CNG has received a very good response from the market and we are going to deliver the first tranche very soon. However, we have witnessed numerous enquiries for a diesel bus with the same comfort of Citylife CNG as CNG is not available in all cities. Our new offering Citylife Diesel is to meet this demand. This bus has inherited all the safety and comfort specifications of Citylife.”

Following is the specification chart for the JBM Citylife:

JBM Citylife spec sheet

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