Automatically Retracting Side steps Amp up the Oomph on an every day Innova Crysta

This automatically retracting side step is one of the coolest aftermarket accessories you can buy for your Crysta. Costs a bomb!


Getting into tall vehicles is a climb for many. The solution to that until now has been these ugly looking running boards which along with other flashy accessories have complete disregard for the word ‘Aesthetics’. However, someone found a solution to that and has come up with these automatically retracting side steps or running boards, which swivel out when you open the door and tuck back in on their own once it shuts. Neat!


Available for most SUVs and MUVs, these automatic side steps are rumoured to be priced near the INR 1.25 lakh mark for the Innova Crysta and the Fortuner. Since the Internet is unsure about its price, someone says it’s priced well beyond the INR 2 lakh mark. While we shy away at the sight of the fixed ones, if these are so expensive, we’d rather carry a little plastic stool if someone travelling in the car has difficulties getting in and out. For those who can afford such additions though, making an entry at a Night Club in an Innova Crysta could be the coolest thing to do. A good way to impress the valet at a Star hotel too. Maybe the same guy who designed these should consider manufacturing retracting bull guards. Some of them look plain Ugly and it’ll be nice if they stay hidden.


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