TVS launches new Apache RTR 160 and 180 – images and details (Updated)

| April 30, 2012 | 117 Comments

TVS Motor Company have launched their new 2012 Apache Series RTR. The new bike features what the company calls ‘Beast Themed Styling’. Primarily a cosmetic makeover, the 2012 design will be applied to all the variants in the Apache lineup, including the RTR 160, RTR 180 and the RTR 180 ABS.

The most important design changes incorporated on the bike include a new headlamp unit with new pilot lamps and LED illumination. According the official company statement ‘ theone-of-its kind pilot lamps, inspired by the ‘eye of fury’ – which consists of LED light guide technology combined with new pilot lamps to form a pair of intense animalistic eyes that is activated on ignition, night or day.’

The fuel tank and the air scoops have also been redesigned to give what the company feels is a more aerodynamic look for the bike. The company claims that the new design helps reduce engine heat helping better top end performance, improving the response.

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2012 new TVS Apache


Our lensman in Delhi, Nitin Gupta managed to lay his hands on the new machine. His general observation was that there isn’t anything different from the earlier version except for some minor cosmetic upgrades. Here are some of the points he jotted down after a short ride on the machine.

  • Engine response is exactly the same as the previous version. No change.
  • The distance between the front and rear footpegs felt reduced. While leaning, with the ball of the sole on the pegs, I could feels my ankles touching the rear foot peg. Can’t be really sure about this one though. It’s an irritating feeling though.
  • Headlamps are bright, and perform well in the night.
  • The pilots lamps are always on. There is no switch or button to turn them on or off.
  • New plastic panels have been added at various places.
  • A new tri-color logo at the visor and rear tail piece.
  • I found new leg guard very useful and rigid, better than the earlier one.
  • The quality of the new engine undercowl is bad. It felt loosely fastened and the plastic quality didn’t seem strong enough to brave the pebbles ricocheting from the front tyre.
  • TVS tyres lack grip.

The instrument console is new too, with more muscular styling and faux carbon fiber inserts. The instrument cluster is now blue backlit and looks sportier. The seat cowls are now more aggressively angled, and along with the sharp styling of the engine cowl gives the bike a slightly racier stance. There is a new two tone color scheme too, with two tone, splash themed paint scheme.

According to the official company statement, the 2012 TVS Apache RTR 160 dishes out 15.2PS of power and can be pushed to speeds up to 118 kmph. The TVS Apache RTR 180 however churns out 17.03PS of power that can reach speeds of up to 124 kmph.

The new TVS Apache RTR 160 comes in four dual tone colours, namely green, red. Yellow and grey with black being the base. The new TVS Apache RTR 180 also comes in four colours of white, yellow, grey and black while the ABS version will be available in white and black.

The new TVS Apache RTR 160 will cost Rs. 67,505 (Ex showroom Delhi), TVS Apache RTR 180 will be Rs. 72,090 (Ex showroom Delhi) and TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS will cost Rs. 82,780 (Ex showroom Delhi).

“We have taken the Apache RTR to the next level with obsessive engineering and menacing design. The priority in every step of the Apache brand’s development has been race bred performance. Every system, detail and component has been tuned to maximize performance. Apache as a brand has been very well received,” H S Goindi, President-Marketing, TVS Motor Company said.

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  1. "Apache As a Brand has been well received" – This quote is only till the New Pulsars hitting the roads! Every company is moving towards higher capapcity nd high performance engines nd TVS is only interested in facelifts! Huh!

  2. That's exactly how you ruin a good looking bike..

  3. Sai Krishna says:

    I hope this increases their sales. TVS wont do anything till they get some decent business.

  4. Anonymous says:

    they seem to be stuck with 180 and don't seem to go above it. they needed to up their game.

  5. Anonymous says:

    specially with new breed of pulsars and ktms around.

  6. Vic Vicky says:

    ugly….. learn from bajaj n yamaha….

  7. no one'll buy this SHIT..

  8. Makesh Adoor says:

    tvs rockzzzzzzz

  9. very very disappointing.

  10. Gaurab Deb says:

    hw much reliable is TVS?

  11. Tyler Henry says:

    0 reliabilty

  12. Sagar Goudra says:

    Christian Valencia I used to own a TVS RTR 180 and took it all over India. When I said pathetic, I was referring to the looks.

  13. Nishanth Jagadhesan says:

    copy cat

  14. Nishith Dulet says:

    Give UP! TVS….. again a bad experiment….. they are repeating history…..

  15. dude same wanna book grey version cn u mail me the grey version pic in nxt 5 weeks abt to boook it plzzzz email id

  16. work on your head lamps…..the led is givin nice looks….bt its the structure is givin a bubbly look….~~.

  17. Kos Jambekar says:

    TVS has disappointed big time. the styling looks disturbingly close to pulsar, there are no engine upgrades. alas, the apache mania comes to an end…

  18. looking so dirty.
    ise to thik thodi purani vali thi……………..

  19. looking so dirty……………
    isse to thodi thk phele wali thi…………..

  20. Aj Cool says:

    mast hai…………………………………………………………………………..D

  21. Mohit Yadav says:

    rite said frnds ugly yaaakkkkkkkkkkkk.

  22. Shashank DabRal says:

    Quite good but last one was nice..

  23. Arijit Dutta says:

    nice……………… new apache 160.

  24. Darshan Nikam says:

    Look Guys Its Awsome……

  25. Only colour changed…

  26. this new apache sale 100% more N more.

  27. Vinod Bhardwaj says:

    luking best

  28. Siddharth Soni says:

    TVS ruined a very good bike (in terms of styling).
    TVS., make smthing new…smtHing like a GREAT BEAST…

  29. Siddharth Soni says:

    and moreover.., RTR series needs to lessen the VIBRATIONS…

  30. Saulam Sunny says:

    dude it's awesome and I'm goin to buy it.

  31. Raj Kumar says:

    When will apache 220 or 200 CC will launch?

  32. Piyush Raval says:

    I like dis………..


  34. awesome new look apache RTR 160.

  35. older one is looking good.

  36. Shashwat Vedant Yadav says:

    coolest bike ever.

  37. nice bike I like that.

  38. Vikas Shetty says:

    Tvs rocks !!!!!!!!

  39. Subarna Bijay Khadka says:

    what a bhele look.

  40. Suresh Raman says:

    ayegaaaaaaaaaa…apna bi…….!!!!!:)

  41. Saurabh Sahu says:

    pehle wala look isse bohot achcha tha………..

  42. Seriously WTF is it?

  43. Vishwajit Shivade says:

    this bike doesnot look killer.

  44. Deepak Suvarna says:

    awesme bike


  46. very nice design………but somehow u cant compare with bajaj pulsur 180……….

  47. it doesnt look lik apache anymore..

  48. Komal Thakur says:

    I like apache bike but not hight and look batter and color so good.

  49. Siz Jorj says:

    dude yuck wat tha fuck nigga, seriously thumbs down 4 tvs..

  50. too ugly front……………………….mood bigad gaya……..:(

  51. old is the best and new apache realy bad bad bad……..model.

  52. Suhas Patil says:

    I like itttttttttt.

  53. Ankur Sahu says:

    too gives u feeling of a head chopped green insect.

  54. Amit Singh says:

    hey its nt a good change..same here.

  55. Yaman Khurana says:

    the worst bike I had ever seen old one is the best.

  56. its so good that… can beat pulsor 220f within a frac second………i think bajaj n others should improve their bikes seeing tvs…..especially pulsor 220…….:-P

  57. I like latter I buy this bike.

  58. mjdanceworld
    not so nice bike, the rtr 180 abs is more nicer then…

  59. mjdanceworld
    only good for making this bike.

  60. Pranay Reddy says:

    I think thiz…is a awesome bike to UTH…..

  61. Anil Kumar Rathore says:

    no way……… is it all about bright colours and some curvy plastic….. we were expecting a good change in technology, power and efficiency… not the same wine in new bottle……

  62. Syed Raza Abbas Naqvi says:

    what a waste.

  63. but I like the older apache hyper edge the grunty on! one of its class……

  64. Vineesh Kp says:


  65. Chinmaya Das says:

    Front is not good…

  66. nice bike show TVS joy……………..i want ABS & show gear transmission in digi meter like suzuki gs150r.

  67. I waiting for 250 version TVS quickly……………….

  68. Vivek Gupta says:

    are head lite to badi bna dete.

  69. Vivek Gupta says:

    front is so small so please renovate it.

  70. u first learn to spell out….. it is Pulsar not pulsor….. what else can we expect from an uneducated person like you… :P

  71. Vinod Reddy says:

    its too bad……..

  72. Sheshi Kanth says:

    not intrested totally izath nikaldiya apache ki.

  73. Nikitha Lalitha says:

    simply superb

  74. Anant RockIng Negi says:

    its a cool bike that's what I called a bike.

  75. Anonymous says:

    disappointed a lot………..shit…….1expected a lot lot n lot……damnn it….completly disgusting….Better luck nexttime..

  76. Anonymous says:

    ohh god…ugly…reallly ugly…actually am using apache rtr pearl white….n was planned to change to the new series….and finally apache made me to wait for 1 more year for the next series…..ugly…let me wait for 1 more year for the next series.. And can anyone let me know whether the next series of apache will be with 250 or 220 cc…

  77. Soumyadeep Biswas: oh is it……thats d reason ua pulsar got flopped…..pulsar was d best before apache arrived…..but now bike of year is ours dear……:P

  78. @ Soumyadeep Biswas:n one more thing are u a doctrate holder o wt ah????
    coming to teach me…….as if ua an proff……:P

  79. Mainak Parui says:

    that is nice bike. I love apache very much.

  80. Ajay Wasan says:

    tood headlamps

  81. modified flame nothing extra………………….just tag APACHE………….. ITS NOT WORKING.

  82. Sanjay Panwar Sanju says:


  83. rashi says:

    which one is good

  84. MALESH says:


  85. vishal says:

    please lunch the previous version of apache.

  86. Jeyanth says:

    Ya old is gold so old model is better

  87. Akash says:

    TVS should have added fairing like in P220….. That would surely increase sales….. And a little more power.

  88. Hrishi says:

    TVS plz do work on tyres they lack grip on roads.. can u make apache with radial tyre grip.. it would be nice for grip.all other things r nice.

  89. krishna nath says:

    …….. Apache hyperedge is good bettr instead>….!!

  90. Rajendra kumar das says:

    It realy owsame….

  91. siddharth mishra says:

    whoever says this bike is ugly ..let me inform you frnds this the beast ..and beast is never beautiful ..however if this design disturbs you ..who told you to consider it go for another one as simple as that..

  92. manigandan says:

    hi friends,
    pls suggest me im having a pulsar 150 blue now i would like to buy a apache anytime soon….black , white both colors are good..but apache has been ruined with new design…i like the old model…can i buy a old model now will that affect me anyways..pls help….

  93. rupesh says:

    Good looks bt bad mileage….. tvs needs to work on apaches fuel consumption, this beast drinks lots of fuel….

  94. pavan says:

    King of bike

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