VIDEO: Skoda does a M&M for Laura vRS TV commercial

I wonder what is with TV ads for cars these days. After M&M decided to come up with an advert for XUV that seemed like it was borrowed from the guys at AXE deodorant, Skoda follows suit and comes up with an ad. for Laura vRS that takes this game of pilfering a deodorant’s ad  a step forward. This time, it is the sassy girl who oozes of a lot of oomph to make guys want to take her to bed.

While the advertisements comes across as a tad stupid to me, now I sure want to meet a gorgeous lady that smells of burning rubber. I need to check if I am a car freak enough to get turned on by her.


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  1. Amit Agrawal says:

    not in good taste.

  2. Aulfi Ali says:

    pathetic ad

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