Modified Rouser 220 : The love child of Bajaj Pulsar 220 and a Superbike

Modified Bajaj Pulsar 220 Rouser 220 2

Until recently, Bajaj Pulsar 220 used to be the most appealing bike for those looking for the Indian performance bike with highest power/price ratio. The Pulsar 220 brought many firsts along with it. The Pulsar 220 became the first Bajaj bike to sport fuel injection. That the FI was later dumped for a carb. setup is a different story. The Pulsar also became the first bike from Bajaj to have more than 20PS of power. Other than this, the Pulsar 220 also became the first Bajaj bike to sport a quarter fairing, along with having bits like rear disc brake, projector headlamps and a clip-ons styled handlebar.

The bike hits a speed0 indicated top speed of 150kmph, has enough torque to make high speed overtaking maneuvers a breeze and has the best headlamp setup on any below-250cc bike in the country.

While the Yamah R15 might be much faster around corners, the 220 ruled the straights, until of course, the advent of Pulsar 200NS and KTM Duke 200.

Modified Bajaj Pulsar 220 Rouser 220 1

With a quarter fairing that sports projector lamps and RVMs that might remind you of Bugs Bunny, the 220 stands out from the usual crop of 150cc and 180cc Pulsars. However, the bike does share a plenty of bits with the lesser siblings and this is a put-off for some.

It seems like our friends at Indonesia have decided to change all this with a thoroughly modified Pulsar 220 (aka Rouser 220).

This Rouser 220 is quite an a-Rouser and we so want Bajaj to take loads of design cues from this customized bike.

The modified Rouser 220 that you see here is built on an Aprilia Deltabox frame. The fairing, fuel tank and most of the body panels seem to have been taken from a 600 cc Gixxer. The fairing supports the same old headlamp and while the front-look might not be to everyone’s taste, the front end of the bike looks absolutely stunning when viewed in profile. Oh, and the Bugs Bunny ears continue to perform the duty of RVMs. The front section also gets upside-down forks from the R6 along with the R6 front disc brakes. The 17 inch rims and the swingarm seem to have been donated by a Honda RVF400. The rims come wearing Michelin rubber, with the front getting 120/70 and rear getting 180/55 spec footwear.

Modified Bajaj Pulsar 220 Rouser 220 3

The bike also gets a new end can that, in typical superbike fashion, is much smaller and aesthetically more appealing.

It isn’t for sure if the bike also gets an upgraded engine. But with a superbike’s tyre at the rear, it better does.

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I got my P220 dtsi modofied by Joel. The bike is all together a different beast than the stock bike, with good power and throttle response. The only grouse is the body (Rubber bit around the fairing) has started to show its age. I am planning to modify the looks of the bike to something like a Hero Impulse, minus the fairing. Do you guys know anyone around Mumbai who can do a very good job without affecting the performance.


indeed a great mod. Bajaj can built a fully flaired 200NS based on this design.

Hormazd Irani

Pulsar 220 seems to have many admirers in Indonesia. However it is sad to note that the mods shown would cost more than the bike itself. Take the trick swingarm for example. That is Ducati or MV Augusta territory being tred upon.

In local terms, "char ane ki murgi air barah ane ka Marsala"

However it looks great, no doubt about that.


modified rosier 220 RS. ?????????


can anyone tell me whr i can get those gears to modify my own 200 ns ??


i need to modify my pulsar 220 like this. What is cost.


How to do it ....nd can i hav ur numbr


what did it cost to modify one.


It Seems like suzuki gsx.Is this real???? or photoshop fun!!!!!!


wanted to know wat is the cost to make these modifications for my 220 f

akash vijay amode

Which bike should i buy? Need a sporty motorcycle, but it should return decent fuel efficiency too. Any suggestions?


Depends on your budget, have you shortlisted any products?