LPG and CNG becomes dearer

If you have been driving a LPG/CNG car and are habituated to laugh at increasing gasoline prices, this news might wipe that smile off your face. While further hike in petrol prices is still some time away, state owned oil companies have increased the prices for automotive LPG (liquified petrol gas) and CNG (compressed natural gas).

While LPG is now dearer by INR 6 per litre, CNG will now cost INR 4.70 per kilogram more. As expected, the increase is owing to the depreciation in the value of Indian rupee and global crude oil prices heading north.

LPG now costs INR 49.72 and CNG for INR 50.20 per kilogram. This revision has happened only a few days after the prices had been revised on March 1.


As Indian govt. offers a fair amount of subsidy on domestic LPG, prices of cooking gas remain unchanged (thankfully!).


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