KTM wants you to name their 125cc bikes… (w/ video)

| June 23, 2010 | 0 Comments

Bajaj has already announced that the KTM 125cc ‘Stunt’ and ‘Race’ concepts that were unveiled at the 2009 EICMA, will go on sale in Europe in the 2011 fiscal. The bikes will then go on sale in India as well. And while we are all charged about about the 125cc fun machines, here your chance to indulge in some fun and play even before they are launched! Since KTM is as bland with their product names as fun they are with their products, the Austrian brand wants you step right in and help them find a deserving name for their 125cc bikes. KTM is targeting young bikers with these fun machines, so as to inculcate a ‘Ride Orange’ brand following within them. If your suggested name is selected for either of the bikes, they will gift you the actual bike all to yourself! So if you do have some cool names up your sleeve, then head over to their Facebook page and do the needful. Umm, what would we call them? Marmalade? Orangutan? Ben Klock? Ahh..forget it, you got more creative brains for sure…


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