Exclusive: Pulsar 200NS design sketches, and the story of its evolution

| February 21, 2012 | 77 Comments

The new Pulsar 200NS, as all of us know is a huge aberration from its predecessor as regards detailing and components. The overall stance and philosophical connect, however is still very much there. While many of us may think of it as just another design exercise, it was indeed a Herculean task to make sure that the new Pulsar had its own identity without deviating from what the brand stood for. We have managed to get hold of these very interesting design sketches which document the evolution of the Pulsar 200NS’s design from its very embryonic stage.

Pulsar 200NS - Pulsar DNA & Evolving Brand Icons

The first image clearly depicts how all the details of the previous gen Pulsar were duly taken into consideration before the designers put their pencils to paper to Pulsar its new face. The front biased stance, the distinctive head / tail lamps, the short fender, the creases and cuts on the tank, the instrumentation and the wheelbase were all duly taken into account. On the bottom left section you can see how the bike took inspiration from a bull to represent power and aggression. The most visible influence can be seen as the high, bulging tank that somewhat resembles the hump of a fully grown, aggressive, adult bull. All those thoughts and details led to an initial sketch for the bike which would have suited a 1000cc naked streetfighter more than a 200 cc machine.  Have a look at the sketch on the bottom right. That sexy looking swing-arm befits an exotic Italian beauty. The front fender, the headlamp, everything had an added dash of aggression and largesse which of course had to be sobered down in the next stage to make the bike suitable for mass production and keep the costs in check.

Pulsar 200NS - 10 Years.

The next image depicts the journey of the Pulsar right from its genesis to its current form. The simplistic round headlamps, profile and tail section the bike in 2001 have evolved into a detailed exercise in design with complex surfaces. The character lines tell you how the first and second generation bikes were somewhat diverse in terms of their stance, but the second and third generation bikes have an extremely strong relation.

Pulsar 200NS - Sketch Book

We see the bike in a more ‘closer-to-production’ guise in the third set of sketches. The fancy bits have given way to more practical, production ready components. The detailing is better defined and the shape of the bike is more observable with images from all angles available.

Pulsar 200NS - Clay Phase

Those sketches then took birth in material form as a clay model, allowing the designers to understand how the machine looks in the flesh and tweak the design if required.

Pulsar 200NS - Detailing in Design

Pulsar 200NS - Detailing in Design

The design details of critical components such as alloys, disc brakes, frame, front forks and footpegs. In these images, you can see how a multitude of options for all the components were taken into consideration before selecting the final, production parts.

Pulsar 200NS - Cylinder Head with Carb

Pulsar 200NS - Engine Side View

Pulsar 200NS - Engine 3Qtr View

Pulsar 200NS - Triple Spark 4Valve Cylinder Head

Pulsar 200NS - 6 Speed Gear Box

Finally, some technical drawings of the engine, transmission and frame.

So that’s how the Pulsar 200NS journeyed through various phases before presenting itself to us in its current, impressive form. What do you think of the new Pulsar’s design? Do let us know your views and opinions on the Pulsar200NS’s aesthetics. We would also like to know what would be the things you would like to change in the new design if given a choice, and how. Get heard. Get commenting!

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  1. Nikunj Padia says:

    Very hard work done by BAJAJ…

  2. Nikunj Padia says:

    Very hard work done by BAJAJ…

  3. Yohan Devassy says:

    fingers crossed.
    would it work like a yamaha?

  4. Yohan Devassy says:

    fingers crossed.
    would it work like a yamaha?

  5. Nikhil Singh says:

    collllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll bike

  6. Nabil Sharif says:

    sex o bike lyk it really yaar…wmmmmaahhhh.

  7. Prashant Wadekar says:

    what a freaking bike man………….

  8. Jamshi Lambeth says:

    super bike from bajaj.
    i like it.

  9. Ra Mees says:

    Kachara chali bike

  10. Ratan Roy says:

    wow u did it bajaj pulsar.

  11. Madumal De Silva says:

    Why you do not add ABS, at least as optional?

  12. gr8 but they should have done this with the fastest Indian 220.

  13. Josh Manik says:

    bajaj love the way u do.

  14. Josh Manik says:

    bajaj love the way u do.

  15. Pradeep Jeya says:

    sexy….. as a die hard fan of bajaj this is wat I expected…… GREAT WORK!

  16. Oh man I'm going to enjoy it. bt cant wait 4 d 250.

  17. excellent bike, I really like, the only thing that would exchange front and rear turn signals, I would put a smaller but leds, and a rear stop it a little more stylish redesign that is not equal to the previous model, but without losing the identity that characterizes the press, in that the tail colin bee type, she also would put the twin engine of the ninja 250 with the 31 hp and the power that continues to push to the most red tachometer, but yet as this gutta me a lot…

  18. Ro Zurich says:

    Geniaaaaal! gracias por compartir.

  19. Ro Zurich says:

    Geniaaaaal! gracias por compartir.

  20. Logan Taylor says:

    It`s amazing! Thanks for these news!

  21. Amal Pradeep says:

    price is bit high 101125 on road hmmmmm.

  22. Amal Pradeep says:

    price is bit high 101125 on road hmmmmm.

  23. WOW……..Great Work By hamara BAJAJ…..

  24. great combination of spark plugs and the 4 valves! a very unique achievements from bajaj!

  25. Kaushik Bagchi says:

    I Bet Going to get influenced….and modify My Yamaha FZ16 Into something very similar…

  26. Kaushik Bagchi says:

    I Bet Going to get influenced….and modify My Yamaha FZ16 Into something very similar…

  27. Nikhil Chauhan says:

    likkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk it yaro grt wor engeners……………

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