Audi may come up with a Q1

| January 20, 2012 | 0 Comments

We have some news that popular German car maker Audi is evaluating the possibilities of adding another model to their  Q line-up of SUVs, It may be noted that the manufacturer recently introduced the Q3 and is considering the Q1. There is fair possibility that Audi may put its A1’s underpinnings to use in the new small SUV. International manufacturers like Toyota, Ford, Nissan and the likes are gradually coming to the compact SUV segment and it makes perfect sense for luxury car manufacturers to try getting a chunk of the market. Nissan Juke is doing good numbers and a fair number of sales come from Skoda Yeti and the likes.However, Audi is yet to go ahead with the idea of Q1 and is currently exploring the potential of such an offering.

If Audi goes ahead with the plan, it will surely have to price the product competitively but without robbing it off the premium feel that an Audi car commands.

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