Auto Expo 2018: Thunder Without The Rumble – UM Renegade Thor Electric Cruiser Unveiled


UM Lohia unveiled the first electric cruiser to touch the Indian tarmac in the form of the Renegade Thor which is also the world’s first production electric motorcycle to feature a 5-speed manual transmission.


The Thor will be powered by impressive 30Kw of power along with 70Nm of torque available from the word go. The motor and controller system also gets a liquid cooling system to ensure maximum efficiency even after prolonged use. The bike also gets a reverse gear for easy manoeuvrability.


In typical cruiser fashion, the bike comes with a staggered tyre profile – 17 inch rims at the front and 15 inch steel at the back. Stopping power comes in the form of disk brakes at the back with dual channel ABS for improved control.


The bike features a 7.5 kWh battery pack that can power the Thor for up to 81 kms on a full charge. The bike can be topped up within 2 hours on a Level 2 charger and can be fast charged up to 80% in just 40 minutes. It should be noted that India does not have Level 2 charging facilities at present and a lower level charging facility may take longer.


The company may also introduce longer range variants with 15 kWh and 27 kWh capacities which can take the Thor to 149 kms and 270 kms respectively. The company, however, has not confirmed if and when these models will reach our shores.

Check out our walkaround video for more juice:

The Renegade Thor is expected to hit UML outlets across the country within the next six months with prices that start at INR 4.9 Lakh ex-showroom.

UM Renegade Thor 12
UM Renegade Thor 11
UM Renegade Thor 09
UM Renegade Thor 07
UM Renegade Thor 06
UM Renegade Thor 05

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