VIDEO: Will it Fly? Feat: TVS Apache RTR


There’s a boundary within all our minds, which if we cross, words like logic, physics, safety and limits just don’t make sense anymore. Given the right equipment and technique, some brave souls have and will continue to go beyond that line of control to marvel the World with their abilities. The trouble is, apart from dropping jaws, these guys also inspire folks who can’t just stop at admiration. They believe in replication. Perhaps, just the case with the guy on his TVS Apache RTR here.

Orange shirt had surprisingly managed to convince himself that a helmet, his sneakers, a pair of jeans, and a production-spec TVS Apache are all the things he needs to fly away to the other side. Spotting a mound, our man just takes off without calculating how much speed he should’ve carried, where he needs to land or will his bike and exposed human body be able to take the abuse at all? He doesn’t even care that wherever he’d be landing, there isn’t another natural or artificial ramp to match the bike’s descent angle. Doesn’t care if he’ll stay on the bike at all because while he was at it, someone was shooting all of this in 4K! Maybe they wanted this disaster to at least look good if nothing else. We know we don’t have to tell you how you shouldn’t be trying stuff like this yourself and all that. We know you’re smart.

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