Watch this Toyota Land Cruiser Prado losing traction on snow, quite funny

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This Land Cruiser was literally ‘cruising’ on snow.

Now, Land Cruisers are known for their phenomenal off-road credentials, right? Try saying that to the driver of this particular example. In the video you are about to watch, you will clearly see him losing control over this two and a half tonne behemoth and hitting a parked vehicle by the side of the road. But the road was so slippery and the Prado got such low traction off its tyres, that it seemed neon impossible for the driver to stop it.

We agree, that particular stretch of tarmac, if you could call it that, did indeed look very slippery and unless you and your car are well prepared for the prevailing conditions. The folks who recorded this, quiet funny, but hazardous loss of traction of the 4×4, came very close to colliding with this SUV, head-on! We guess their quick thinking and presence of mind made sure that this event didn’t end up being bitter for both the parties involved. We presume that the Prado wasn’t equipped with decent snow tyres, which are meant to deal with situations like these. But, that’s just an assumption, maybe the 4×4 did have snow tyres and still lost the traction battle.

Watch the video and let us know how you found it and your thoughts on driving on snow. And yes, SUVs are awesome, regardless of this one’s cataclysmically hilarious predicament. Note: Skip to 01:15 of the video.

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