Video: Nightmares, Porsche and the Mercedes AMG GT

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Mercedes has released an interesting commercial, featuring their new sports car, the Mercedes AMG GT. The plot involves a kid dreaming about his dream car – a Porcshe 911 – when a yellow colored devil appears in the rear-view mirror, restlessly trying to get past him. It makes the kid clench hard at his blanket, the yellow AMG GT even managing to teleport shivers over to his 911 toy car. Eventually, the Mercedes AMG GT whistles past the Porsche and the kid wakes up to read a tagline that says,” The car you dreamed of as a child has just been overtaken.”

We like the kid, at least he isn’t dreaming about playing candy crush with the crush in his life. We even like the way he dreams and the machines he chose to go dreaming with. We hope Porsche comes out with an answer to this commercial. We hope too much, but hope is a good thing, and Tom Hanks taught us that.

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  • Om Thoke says:

    Hehe this one is bang on, but we’ll have to wait and watch how Porsche responds to it. Personally, 911 would remain to be my all-time fav irrespective of the numbers game, and performance of new Merc, and i’d anyday buy a 911 over the AMG GT.