Video: When drifting is life but life gives you an Innova


There is something about making an automobile go sideways which makes rear wheel drive cars all the more fun. However, most modern day cars are based on the FWD format, and unless you spend a bomb, rear wheel drive is luxury only a few can afford. But hey, when life gives you a lemon, you have to make sure you squeeze the juice out if its seeds too.

Exactly what this guy in a souped up Toyota Innova thought. He thought about squeezing that big MPV at the wrong place though. Should’ve found an empty parking lot, rather than enjoying his share of tang on a busy, public road. His ride kitted out with an out-of-place spoiler and a badly tuned bigger turbo, he even goes in the opposite direction of traffic before letting the big MPV loose. The Innova’s exhaust then pops a few times as the family wagon goes sideways, but the smoke from the exhaust screens above the smoke from the rubber.

In another video, the same car is made to do a burnout. But even this time, carbon monoxide takes over and spoils the party. The guy’s having fun for sure, but has no regard for the environment or public safety.

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